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Season of Usability 2008

We are happy to announce that the second Season of Usability was finished in September 2008.

Ten students successfully collaborated with nine Open Source Software projects to improve their usability. The students summarised their experiences, the process of their work and the results in final reports you can access below:

Redesigning DrProject's Administration Interface DrProject Logo
Redesigning Gallery's Image Upload Tools Gallery Logo
Improving Jeliot user interface and workflows Jeliot Logo
Human Interface Guidelines and Design Patterns for KDE4 KDE Logo
Toolbox and Palette Interaction for KOffice KOffice Logo
3d Widgets for MakeHuman MakeHuman Logo
Handheld-Mode Interface for the OLPC XO Laptops One Laptop Per Child Logo
Improving HDR imaging with Qtpfsgui Qtfsgui Logo
Instant Messaging and VoIP with SIP Communicator SIP Communicator Logo


We want to thank our sponsors who made the Season of Usability 2008 possible:

Google Inc.     Open Society Institute   Trolltech ASA


Season of Usability 2006/2007

Between November 2006 and June 2007, the first Season of Usability took place. After an application phase for F/OSS projects registered on OpenUsability, six student projects mentored by experienced members of OpenUsability were announced in October 2006. Within the next six weeks, about 25 students from all over the world applied to participate.

After intensive work for 3 to 5 months, five student projects were successfully accomplished from the fields of printing, note-taking, document readers, multimedia, and Voice over IP. The results were welcomed by the software projects, and some of the students will continue their work in the future.

Learn more about the students' usability work in the projects and see the results:

Basket Logo Basket, a multi-purpose note-taking application for KDE GeeXBoX Logo GeeXBoX, a media center
Okular Logo Okular, a PDF reader for KDE OpenPrinting Logo OpenPrinting, printing dialogs for Linux
OpenWengo Logo OpenWengo, a VoIP application


We want to thank our sponsors who made the Season of Usability 2006/2007 possible:

Open Society Institute